We Are Fetch

What does it mean to be Distinctly American? At Fetch, we believe it’s staying true to your values, your rights, and your beliefs; your independence, your choice, and, most importantly, your voice. These values should be heard, supported, and respected. With these values firmly in place, we set out to create a true American Made culture and experience: a place you can visit and know you are amongst friends — friends who are all equal and unified in the quest for the unique and surprising.

Fetch is committed to exploring and finding the DNA of the fabric of American culture and society. We partner with people across the United States who share our beliefs and values, allowing us to bring back and share American Made Goods uniquely available to Kansas City. No matter your cultural preferences or tastes, Fetch will bring you back. Whether that means coming back to participate in our creative craft workshops, to find that gift that’s distinctly you, or bringing you back to when values, beliefs, and rights were recognized and honored.

We are Fetch: Distinctly American.